Many people will use the term carat size of a diamond, and as carat size increases, the carat weight. But the keyword is not the weight. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and corresponds to about 200 milligrams, less than selling to ¼ oz A dog Karat also be divided into 100 points. So a three fourths carat tambiĆ©n 75 points.

The heavier the weight of one carat diamond is the rarest is done. The price of diamonds rises exponentially with the weight of diamonds, one carat diamond is so much more than a half-carat diamonds, there are also other qualities such as color and clarity, the same cost.

The cut of a diamond dogs affect the size of her looks, so depending on how its cut, two diamonds of a carat rough dog. If a stone cut to flatter, then look larger, while a stone is less deep, but can emit more sparkle and have. One might be tempted to a flat stone, so you buy the appearance of a large rock or heavy may have. However, a diamond is to shine a little flat and dull look in May cut. The carat is important, but there is no other point of sacrificing the qualities that the diamonds that are supposed to be a stone of two carats may be laid. A nice carat diamond of extraordinary brilliance and scintillation is the best option, both personally and in terms of investment.

A dog always improve small diamonds with baguettes, Trillian or small stone of the same form of photography. As mentioned above, two small stone not cost as much as a single stone unweighted, they may increase the importance of the ring that you buy without a double cost.

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