Many people will use the term carat size of a diamond, and as carat size increases, the carat weight. But the keyword is not the weight. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and corresponds to about 200 milligrams, less than selling to ¼ oz A dog Karat also be divided into 100 points. So a three fourths carat también 75 points.

The heavier the weight of one carat diamond is the rarest is done. The price of diamonds rises exponentially with the weight of diamonds, one carat diamond is so much more than a half-carat diamonds, there are also other qualities such as color and clarity, the same cost.

The cut of a diamond dogs affect the size of her looks, so depending on how its cut, two diamonds of a carat rough dog. If a stone cut to flatter, then look larger, while a stone is less deep, but can emit more sparkle and have. One might be tempted to a flat stone, so you buy the appearance of a large rock or heavy may have. However, a diamond is to shine a little flat and dull look in May cut. The carat is important, but there is no other point of sacrificing the qualities that the diamonds that are supposed to be a stone of two carats may be laid. A nice carat diamond of extraordinary brilliance and scintillation is the best option, both personally and in terms of investment.

A dog always improve small diamonds with baguettes, Trillian or small stone of the same form of photography. As mentioned above, two small stone not cost as much as a single stone unweighted, they may increase the importance of the ring that you buy without a double cost.
The groom to be smart to do your research before buying his fiancée a diamond ring! There are more styles and cuts of select than ever before. Cut, color, clarity and carat - not enough to be educated about the four Cs of diamonds. Now there are all kinds of sizes of diamonds and settings to choose from.

The most popular model is still the round brilliant. It is one of the first cuts ever developed and now on precise mathematical equations based on a rock with fire and brilliance could dream that just create succinctly before.

However, many brides want something completely unique. There are many traditional cuts to choose from. A pear shape is just that - more than at one end to the other. Or choose an oval, emerald or diamond-shaped heart. There are other cuts with unique aspects, such as the Diamond Princess Cut Square.

Some cuts are patented, as the elongated Ashoka diamond or diamond Asprey and Garrard Eternal cut. Courts of other brands and patents are:

Elara - square diamond with rounded corners
Asscher - a square diamond with rounded facets that gives an unusual complexity to the diamond
Couples diamond - this diamond is cut to either a heart or circle of arrows to reveal the interior. It is really a rare diamond to display the image correctly requires precise cutting.

The price of a diamond rises exponentially with carat weight. A one-carat diamond costs much more than 10 diamonds, 10 points and the cost of two-carat diamonds of more than two times more than one carat diamond (with the same quality in other areas).

One way to improve a ring with embellishments such as baguettes or trillions. A loaf of bread is a small emerald-cut diamond can be placed on both sides of the foundation and one trillion, a triangular diamond, which is also a good improvement of the central stone.
Precious stones in all colors of the spectrum. While sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which come first to mind when one thinks of a colored gemstone, there are many other beautiful colored gemstones to consider. Among the gems associated usually with one color, there are gradations and variations thereof. A sapphire, for example, blue comes in many different colors, depending on where it comes from. But sapphires in pink, yellow and green come.

The precious jewels of color in the deep, rich colors. While sapphires range from light blue, almost black, are the most valuable a rich, deep blue. The same applies to Ruby. Although they also vary in color from light to very dark and cloudy, the highest color value is a pigeon blood, a blood-red rubies, which degraded formerly known as Burma.

The most expensive emeralds are a deep green, although emeralds come in a wide range of colors, from yellow-green to blue-green. All colored gems and stones clear, professionals rely on cut and polished to show the colors of all shades and brightness.

In general, the deeper and richer the color, the more valuable the stone. The best amethysts is a dark purple. An amethyst-colored just is not so valuable.

But many people prefer these shades lighter or darker in color. And they tend to be more affordable. A little more light amethyst color is much easier than the "ideal" color to get, but still a beautiful stone.

Oddly enough, diamonds are, how they are classified colorless. The less color, the higher the degree of diamond. Unless, of course, like a color or a pink diamond canary diamond. It is almost as valuable as diamonds almost colorless.
There are millions of minerals that exist on earth, but few of them are like precious stones valued and used for decoration. Many of them are estimated in the colors that are often used for jewelry. Or is likely to be cut and polished to be used as a gemstone.

It is often a matter of changing taste and occasion. In imperial Russia and the Victorian era malachite minerals and other opaque minerals were highly valued as a gemstone jewelry. It is often a by-product of copper mines, and is distinguished by a light green color, swirls with concentric rings of color through them. It's like a great value because it is easily accessible and not as expensive as emerald or ruby. But there is an entire room devoted to the Russian Museum, the Hermitage in testimony of his chance in the privileged class of the population malachite.

There was some evidence that malachite was mined in Egypt since 4000 BC It is a soft pearl and is easily carved display. Is beautifully polished to a shine, rich. But that's not very popular in the U.S. as a gemstone.

Very often, certain minerals are not simply be used as gems, but for its beauty, people use them as such at all. A moon rock is like a jewel. It is relatively soft, with a score of 6 on the Mohs scale minerals, compared with the hardness of a diamond of 10 If a type of mineral orthoclase, but if you have a translucent quality, milky, that means moon rock.

Other minerals that exist but simply not appreciated by the very stones. The most common minerals, quartz is like one used for jewelry and decoration can.
What exactly are the gems and precious stones? We know that some of the most often - emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. But they are, how they were doing and why we place so high?

International Gem Society defines a gem as "a mineral that was chosen for its beauty and durability, then cut and polished for jewelry of the people."

Most gems are minerals. Others, like pearls or amber, are produced by living organisms. In general the jewelry is a color, the other natural elements that we reflect as beautiful or useful. Emeralds mirror the lush, sapphires are the color of the sky and rubies are a rich red blood cells. There are color variations in all these jewels, of course, and diamonds, but those are the colors traditionally associated with them. Diamonds can come in colors as well, canary diamond and pink variants greatly appreciated.

Most gemstones are hard and durable, in spite of the beads easily damaged, such as opals and moonstones. Normally a rock strong enough to use as ornaments, but others, too soft to wear, are prized by collectors. The beads can crumble over time, even if they only remove the dust from them. And if you spray hair spray or perfume on them, they can also damage pearls.

Opals are making for their beauty and fire and estimated exquisite jewelry, but they are extremely sensitive to damage. It can break easily if dropped. And there is a story of a woman with an opal brooch for a party. When was the heat of the game to snatch experienced a sudden drop in temperature as a glass, which cools heated and then quickly break down.
The earliest forms of jewelry, terms, early humans, of course, like shells or bone fragments. The first graves have also shown that prehistoric man their dead with flowers and pearls buried in ivory. These primitive grains were to make at least one hour.

Primitive man found that pieces of turquoise, which of course occurred in areas of Turkey and North America. The pearlescent swirls found inside an abalone shell, or as ornaments were used.

They could have found the earliest types of precious stones in natural crystals such as quartz or diamond. Crystals are solid substances where the molecules are arranged symmetrically, and usually divided into one of six ways:

Isometric or cubic crystals are shaped like blocks and symmetrical. An example of an isometric crystals of pyrite. It is also known as fool's gold because it has a yellow metal such as gold or copper.

Square, where the crystals are like four-sided prisms and pyramids are formed. An example of a crystal is tetragonal zirconia.
hexagonal crystals are like hexagonal prisms or pyramid shaped. An example of this type of glass is a beryl, which includes such gems as emeralds and aquamarine.

Orthorhombic crystal. An example of a topaz is orthorhombic. Topaz can come in a variety of colors, but the most valuable is a dark amber color. At one point, the topaz was much more valuable, until rich veins, it is in Brazil, which devalued the market.

monoclinic crystals are short and stocky, his face tilted at each end. monoclinic gypsum crystals.

triclinic crystals are usually flat with sharp edges but no right angles. Each crystal has three axes of inequality. An example of a triclinic crystal is feldspar.
Homeowners who are refinancing their home for the first time, or even two or three should carefully all the options available to the best possible price and conditions are provided. Homeowners are sometimes lazy when refinancing. It is possible that the sharp drop in interest rates or a change in the financial guarantees a new financing. Although the owners may be that new resources, so the owner can not realize that sometimes it takes a lot of work to find the best price and terms.

Owners were using the same lender who granted the original mortgage or refinance with the same lender, before returning to finance deals. The theory behind this reasoning is the same direction as, "If it is not broke, do not fix it." This ownership you calculate your current mortgage is appropriate and are happy with the current lender so there is no need other options. However, this arrogant attitude to be very expensive for homeowners take into consideration.

Try all options

Homeowners who are considering refinancing your home with a number of lenders and get quotes from each. Price to the owner by all the available options but should these options should be limited to the lender. Although the creditor could apply to new fantastic rate and loan terms to be very risky, this type of lender against an established lender go.

Owners who want to study smaller lenders who do not have an established history should proceed with caution. If the lender has friends or family members are willing to vouch for the lender, the owner should investigate these smaller lenders carefully trusted. Visit a Web site address is not the best way to ensure credibility. Designing a professional website is quite simple. Most web designers create and load a Web page in less than a day.

Friendly competition

When shopping for better prices comparison, a homeowner must know that it cited in stores set to it rather than act immediately. Lenders, who know that they some competition, the probability of getting a lower interest rate than they would do if they do not think the owner is considering offering more options. Although this does not seem very fair to the lender is a competitive lending business. Like a plumber can offer your most competitive price if you the owner seeks estimates from a variety of installers know lenders tend to do the same. They earn their money from the owners and one owner to refinance your mortgage to help at all financially.

Some lenders may think the owner is brilliant and can not offer the best prices at first. However, if the owner refuses the offer and states that have a better offer with another lender, the first lender may be tempted to offer a lower interest rate, just to see if they can affect owners. While cost is important, not the only factor to consider. Some homeowners can use a lender who offers slightly higher rate refinance, if the owner of the view that if the lender is more responsive to their needs.
For many homeowners the overall objectives of the refinancing often pay less in interest and monthly payments. If an owner in a position to obtain a lower interest rate is, it is usually an opportunity to refinance to take advantage of lower interest rate increase. However, the interest rate is not automatically put into savings. The owner has to weigh carefully, save the amount of money when borrowing from the money are the costs to refinance the mortgage. If the closure will cost when refinancing are greater than the savings that refinancing can not be justified. Re-financing can also have financial implications associated with tax options.

Paying less interest means less of a deduction

In most places, homeowners can deduct the taxes they pay on their mortgages to submit their tax forms. This is usually a substantial deduction for homeowners who owned the house for the whole exercise. Those who are to refinance their mortgage to pay in general, less money each year on your mortgage. While this is very good in the long run affect the return of the tax owner.

Consider a situation where an owner is only a tax that would be very costly for the owner. As already all refinancing loans may pay less tax money changed hands lead per year. This means that the taxpayer can make a small deduction that this year fall on the amount of fees that had been lower. If this happens, the owner may pay much higher taxes.

Consult a specialist Business Tax Preparation

The determination of the exact consequences of paying less mortgage interest on a tax return can be a difficult process. There is, a number of difficult equations involved which lead to the tendency to error in trying to pay less tax consequences make variations on the mortgage. For this reason, the owner should consult with tax preparation specialist to determine if refinancing is interesting because the tax specialist can provide information on the impact of paying less interest can be compensated.

By the choice of an expert tax preparation, the owner should the advice of friends and family members, if the owner does not prepare a specialist, its own taxes. This can be helpful because trusted friends and family members probably professionals believe they know, trust and affection are recommended. A specialist in tax law should prepare all of these qualities, but must be well versed also in the field of tax preparation. Thus, the tax preparation specialist for all the right decisions when considering the needs of the owner will make.

Online calculator

For owners who do not know a specialist in tax preparation or homeowners can not afford the advice of these people there are online calculators which homeowners find could be very useful. These calculators are available online and can be used to determine the tax consequences of refinancing. These calculators ask the user to input specific criteria then gives results in terms of the amount that the owner does not pay taxes during the year, if you refinance. In addition, the owner can run these equations several times to a number of different scenarios to discuss.
Homeowners who can not be reached to refinance your home on the Internet to be a valuable resource plan. The Internet is useful because it can give the owner to compare a wealth of information and the ability to integrate different types of lenders at your convenience. While these options have been re-financing a more convenient method, there is more potential danger. However, finding homeowners who are a small amount of common sense exercise in using the Internet for refinancing often in no additional risk.

Comparison shop at your convenience

One advantage of the most popular online survey funding provides the ability to compare the convenience of the owner. This is important because many homeowners work long hours and often they are able to meet with lenders during regular business hours by employment restrictions. The Internet, however, is open 24 hours a day and allows homeowners research their options to make important calculations or receive online quotes at any time through the use of automated systems.

Owners can also give their time to compare the deals they set of lenders online instead of feeling under pressure, an immediate response. Although the owners have more time available, to the owners of these understand the need to act quickly enough to block the view that interest rates are often time sensitive in nature and can not be guaranteed during the long periods of time.

Use only secure resources

Homeowners using the Internet in search of funding opportunities and receive offers to carefully consider their sources when making important decisions on the topic of refinancing. Homeowners who may be confronted with well-known and established websites lenders no problems, but a new lender who are surprised by the results of the experiment, refinancing will choose stick.

Owners who should not have the reliability of a particular resource or lender know additional research on society. One of the easiest ways to do this is to consult the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The Bureau may be able to provide owners with valuable information about the number of previous complaints against the company. A company that has many unresolved complaints should be considered a reliable company. However, owners should not assume companies will consider complaints if the company has for several years and is a member of the BBB without a significant number.

Owners must also make sure fooled, not by the sleek design of web pages. A website that looks very professional, is not necessarily a site that is accurate and informative. Many web designers to web sites that are both attractive and professionally create specialized. This web designers can also optimize a website for keywords that mortgages, particularly for users to easily find the page you find these words, but that does not necessarily mean that the knowledge about website designer refinancing.

The confirmation of the conditions of the loan in person before

While online shopping options for refinancing is certainly easy and convenient, homeowners should consider completion of the application, either in person or by telephone, rather than to an automated system. Although the Internet is good for scientific purposes, homeowners can enjoy face to face meetings or conference calls on all relevant questions to ask. These questions will help owners to help you understand the loan terms, and all options available.

Complete the process of refinancing in person or by phone can also prevent the owner surprised by elements of mortgage refinancing. This can lead to additional costs, which are inserted during the processing of the application, include the fees are only in certain situations or other elements of the agreement, could significantly affect the lending decision of the owner.
Many owners to think the mistake that the refinancing is always an option. However, this is not true and homeowners can actually get a false balance sheet refinancing at the wrong time. There are a few classic example in refinancing is a mistake. This happens when the owner does not stay in the house long enough to recoup the costs of refinancing and if the owner has a credit rating has declined since the original loan. Other examples are when the rate is not sufficient to justify the closing costs in refinancing will offset decreased.

Recover costs include

To determine whether refinancing of the proposition that the owner must determine how long it to the property to the closing of the cover. This is particularly important if the owner wants to sell the property in the near future. refinancing calculator must be available to offer owners of the amount of time you hold the refinancing of the property may be useful. These calculations require the user to information such as the balance of existing mortgage, the interest rate on current interest rates and new results are compared and return calculator monthly installments old and new loans to give mortgage bonds and provides information on the amount of time necessary for the owner to the closing price to cover costs.

When Credit Scores Drop

Most homeowners believe a drop in interest rates immediately signals that it is time to return to the household budget. However, when these interest rates combined with low credit ratings to the owner, the resulting re-mortgage financing is not favorable to the owners. Therefore homeowners should carefully consider your credit score from credit rating in the time of the original mortgage. Depending on how much interest rates have fallen, the owner can still qualify for refinancing, even with a lower credit score, but unlikely. Owners can refinance to get a free quote or gain an understanding refinancing benefit.

Interest rates have fallen enough?

Another common mistake homeowners often related to the refinancing refinancing every time there is a significant drop in interest rates to make. This can be a mistake because the owners have to consider carefully whether the rate is reduced to the point of total cost savings for homeowners. Home owners often make this mistake, neglecting to consider the closing costs to refinance the house in context. These costs may include application fees, fees, examination fees and include a variety of other costs. These costs can eat up very quickly and can generate in the savings from lower interest rates. In some cases, closing costs may even exceed the savings through lower interest rates.

Re-financing can be beneficial, even if it was a "mistake"

In fact, refinancing is not always the ideal solution, but some homeowners may decide to refinance, even if technically it is a mistake. In this classic example of this type of situation is when a new owner-finance the benefit of low interest rates, despite the winds owners pay more in the long term for this refinancing option. This can happen if one of the interest rates fall slightly, not enough for overall cost savings but, if an owner or consolidates a considerable amount of short-term debt on a new long-term mortgage financing. Although most financial advisors may warn against this type of financial approach to refinance, homeowners sometimes go against conventional wisdom for a change to your monthly cash flow by reducing their mortgage payments may increase. In this situation the owner is the best decision for your personal needs.