The earliest forms of jewelry, terms, early humans, of course, like shells or bone fragments. The first graves have also shown that prehistoric man their dead with flowers and pearls buried in ivory. These primitive grains were to make at least one hour.

Primitive man found that pieces of turquoise, which of course occurred in areas of Turkey and North America. The pearlescent swirls found inside an abalone shell, or as ornaments were used.

They could have found the earliest types of precious stones in natural crystals such as quartz or diamond. Crystals are solid substances where the molecules are arranged symmetrically, and usually divided into one of six ways:

Isometric or cubic crystals are shaped like blocks and symmetrical. An example of an isometric crystals of pyrite. It is also known as fool's gold because it has a yellow metal such as gold or copper.

Square, where the crystals are like four-sided prisms and pyramids are formed. An example of a crystal is tetragonal zirconia.
hexagonal crystals are like hexagonal prisms or pyramid shaped. An example of this type of glass is a beryl, which includes such gems as emeralds and aquamarine.

Orthorhombic crystal. An example of a topaz is orthorhombic. Topaz can come in a variety of colors, but the most valuable is a dark amber color. At one point, the topaz was much more valuable, until rich veins, it is in Brazil, which devalued the market.

monoclinic crystals are short and stocky, his face tilted at each end. monoclinic gypsum crystals.

triclinic crystals are usually flat with sharp edges but no right angles. Each crystal has three axes of inequality. An example of a triclinic crystal is feldspar.

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