The groom to be smart to do your research before buying his fiancée a diamond ring! There are more styles and cuts of select than ever before. Cut, color, clarity and carat - not enough to be educated about the four Cs of diamonds. Now there are all kinds of sizes of diamonds and settings to choose from.

The most popular model is still the round brilliant. It is one of the first cuts ever developed and now on precise mathematical equations based on a rock with fire and brilliance could dream that just create succinctly before.

However, many brides want something completely unique. There are many traditional cuts to choose from. A pear shape is just that - more than at one end to the other. Or choose an oval, emerald or diamond-shaped heart. There are other cuts with unique aspects, such as the Diamond Princess Cut Square.

Some cuts are patented, as the elongated Ashoka diamond or diamond Asprey and Garrard Eternal cut. Courts of other brands and patents are:

Elara - square diamond with rounded corners
Asscher - a square diamond with rounded facets that gives an unusual complexity to the diamond
Couples diamond - this diamond is cut to either a heart or circle of arrows to reveal the interior. It is really a rare diamond to display the image correctly requires precise cutting.

The price of a diamond rises exponentially with carat weight. A one-carat diamond costs much more than 10 diamonds, 10 points and the cost of two-carat diamonds of more than two times more than one carat diamond (with the same quality in other areas).

One way to improve a ring with embellishments such as baguettes or trillions. A loaf of bread is a small emerald-cut diamond can be placed on both sides of the foundation and one trillion, a triangular diamond, which is also a good improvement of the central stone.

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