There are millions of minerals that exist on earth, but few of them are like precious stones valued and used for decoration. Many of them are estimated in the colors that are often used for jewelry. Or is likely to be cut and polished to be used as a gemstone.

It is often a matter of changing taste and occasion. In imperial Russia and the Victorian era malachite minerals and other opaque minerals were highly valued as a gemstone jewelry. It is often a by-product of copper mines, and is distinguished by a light green color, swirls with concentric rings of color through them. It's like a great value because it is easily accessible and not as expensive as emerald or ruby. But there is an entire room devoted to the Russian Museum, the Hermitage in testimony of his chance in the privileged class of the population malachite.

There was some evidence that malachite was mined in Egypt since 4000 BC It is a soft pearl and is easily carved display. Is beautifully polished to a shine, rich. But that's not very popular in the U.S. as a gemstone.

Very often, certain minerals are not simply be used as gems, but for its beauty, people use them as such at all. A moon rock is like a jewel. It is relatively soft, with a score of 6 on the Mohs scale minerals, compared with the hardness of a diamond of 10 If a type of mineral orthoclase, but if you have a translucent quality, milky, that means moon rock.

Other minerals that exist but simply not appreciated by the very stones. The most common minerals, quartz is like one used for jewelry and decoration can.

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