The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC is home to such weird and wonderful world. One of the jewelry collection of the finest collections in the Museum of Natural History. Here you can see beautiful crystals and minerals in their natural form, and some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry of all creatures. It crowns worn by royalty, worn by convicts huge diamond earrings French Queen Marie Antoinette.

All are very impressive and beautiful, but it is even more mysterious than the rare earth emerald green. The Smithsonian is home to the fabulous emeralds known, and we are very happy that they have in this country.

An emerald that Hooker Emerald is the legend, which was once part of the belt of a Turkish sultan. Another fine example of emerald jewelry, diamond necklace combines the Spanish Inquisition. It is a spectacular double row of diamonds, ending in a pendant with emeralds.

There is also a magnificent 37.8-carat emerald called Esmeralda chalk, which is set with diamonds found in mines in Colombia. The Mackay Emerald Necklace is studded with diamonds and is a great example of how a stone like an emerald, which often contains errors or inclusions, it remains a beautiful piece of jewelry with precious stones.

The collection of the Smithsonian is not to be overlooked, not only for the incredible selection of emeralds can in it, but because it is an opportunity to be near, some chains made of precious stones such as the fabulous world can be, most of us! It can probably never have something like that, but we can dream, can not we?

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