It is a spectacular diamond Smithsonian Collection called the Blue Heart Diamond. Fans of the movie Titanic might think the "Heart of the Ocean Diamond" was founded on this rock, and may have been too! However, this diamond has not been thrown into the ocean, but it sure is in the Smithsonian!

Eugenia has been called the Blue Diamond, but it is uncertain that the Empress Eugenie for the owner of each stone. Cut in Paris 1909-1910, but the origin of the stone - Africa and India - is unclear.

This is a huge heart-shaped diamond of 30.82 carats blue weight. The current provision is enclosed in a platinum ring with white diamonds. It moved between famous jewelers - such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels - and owners until it from Harry Winston in 1959 bought and mounted the diamond on her ring current setting. Winston sold the ring Marjorie Merriweather Post. Mrs. Post gave the ring to the Smithsonian and it remains there with other famous blue diamonds, including the Hope Diamond and the Heart of Eternity Diamond.

These famous blue diamonds have recently undergone a process of classification and analysis, classify their colors and to determine the origin of the color. The Hope Diamond is classified as a luxury gray-blue. The Heart of Eternity is classified as a luxury bright blue. The blue diamond heart is still not classified, but some experts believe that the category of "extravagant luxury good or Deep Blue, Deep Blue. Blue diamonds are of particular interest to scientists not only because of the color and impurities, which creates, but because the Blue Diamonds also a static property that have unique among the colored diamonds and other makes.

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