The word fire is often used to describe a diamond, but what do you think? The ancient Greeks believed the fire in a diamond symbolized the eternal flame of love. Fire in a diamond is the scattering of light that appears like a rainbow flashes of color. In general, you can see the fire of a diamond in places like restaurants or clubs where the lights are low. The amount of fire depends on how the stone is cut with facets. older diamonds appear as if they had more fire, because he is bevelled with steep angles of the crown and flat table.

Other functions that are used to a diamond to be assessed include the brightness and luster. Brightness required brightness and contrast in the diamond and refers to the way light is reflected to the viewer, or the return of the light in the diamond trade. For many jewelers, the most important quality of a diamond, and that's what people respond to cry when more than a diamond.

The diamonds have the communication quality scintillation counter. Scintillation refers to the way light is scattered when he moved the stone. Since the scene is the quality of the scattering of light when the diamond is in a fixed position, the scintillation is observed when moving the diamond into the light. The qualities are closely connected, while the fire is another attribute.

The shape of a diamond is cut determines how much fire and brilliance, and often we may have a compromise for an attribute or another make. Which side is the best way forward? For the most part, most of the diamonds sparkle and shine everything in place to cut off the fire. When shopping for a diamond remember that even investment. But what really matters is if you want. Properties such as brightness of the fire really pale in comparison, a very important!

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