Is there someone who is not heard from at least the famous Hope Diamond? Many people are surprised to learn that this is not a famous stone diamond clear, but it is a brilliant blue stone, surrounded by white diamonds and suspended from a diamond necklace.

Appears for the first time in history in the mid-1600s, when it purchased from a merchant named Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who was sold the stone to Louis XIV of France. At that time there was a 112-carat stone, described as having a beautiful violet color. Was named in a stone of 67 carats and the blue color was carved French. During the French Revolution the diamond in the looting of the crown jewels were stolen. Appeared in 1812 but once again re-edited and became George IV of England, the stone had bought to sell to pay debts. The exact function is unknown, but the diamond is next found attached as an entry in the collection of Henry Philip Hope, whose name is on the diamond today.

Finally, the stone was one of the Cartier jewelry firm in Paris and purchased by Evalyn Walsh Maclean of Washington, DC. He was in his claim that the stone has been restored and was the necklace that we know today. It was built by Henry Winston, who bought the property in 1947 and Mrs. Maclean was finally part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution purchased.

There is a long legend of the curse of the Hope Diamond said that the story was taken over by an idol in India. True or not, many who have owned the Hope Diamond of luck, including the Hope family, who would have gone bankrupt in the possession of the diamond. It is possible that the whole concept of the original curse with Pierre Cartier who sold it to Mrs. Maclean with the story of a curse, because he, that the objects are surrounded by bad luck meant for them. Unfortunately, the first son of Mrs. Maclean died at the age of 9 in a car accident and his suicide mission girl of 25 years. Her husband was declared insane and was institutionalized until his death in 1941. Was part of a curse?

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