Business is a set of related system for the smooth execution of business processes to ensure and capital inflows effectively. It is important that a business owner for each item as if only the existing system to be considered in the process. Therefore, greater importance must be considered for each component of the process, including the accounting process.

Therefore, we have tax lawyers. Therefore, we have an accountant. Therefore, we have financial manager.

If the accounting process.

Is the measurement and disclosure of financial reports essential information accountants, CFOs, tax authorities, investors and other decision support in order to efficiently allocate financial resources to maximize benefits for every business process, the conversion of working capital turnover enormous undertaking. Accounting includes processes in which summarizes the financial records of important information from a specific company, evaluated and interpreted. Furthermore, since money one of the most important factors that could affect the existence of a firm in a given market, accounting is more attention and consideration at all times.

In accounting alone, there are several things that an employer should. It should cost accounting, cash accounting, financial accounting, internal funds, management accounting, project accounting, and others.

And the list continues to grow.

In other words, it is possible that accounting is complete a serious and substantial as to have a group of people, the technical know-how in dealing with finance and accounting, it must be done. Recognizing this reality, companies are increasingly labor organizations accounting aspects of their business processes to third parties, or better known as outsourcing bookkeeping known.

Accounting outsourcing is considered one of the most effective tools, as many companies often take on outsourcing as one of the strategies for business planning. In fact, the institute said that the concept of a CRO (Chief Resource Officer), a professional CEO of outsourcing is very acceptable in large organizations is to forgive. However, you should not be a big company to benefit from external accounting. Even small and medium-sized businesses can provide better service and quality products in a more profitable if they do not outsource the core business processes, including the accounting side. By reducing the demand for administrative staff to solve the situation, additional responsibilities and able, are areas to withstand direct, sales, customers, and the task of marketing your business.

External audit firms to their tasks of bookkeeping and accounting for all frequencies (annually as monthly, quarterly) and the staff can complement the current management to reduce liability. A summary of the services it can acquire the outsourcing of business processes in accounting:

• preparation of disbursement checks;
• Preparation of input loans and deposits;
• the development of pay-enterprises;
• preparation of tax returns and bank deposit reconciliation;
• preparation of financial statements
• Preparation of income tax and
• Evaluation and verification of financial results at different frequencies.

With accounting outsourcing, you can see the benefits of a profitable business. With the financial reporting process in the hands of outsourcing professionals can rely on their craft and heart to do what percent of their working capital focus hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and profits.

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