If you are looking for ways to get your water in the garden without a lot of time and money looking for, you have been through a lot of options in his head. Perhaps you have considered a sprinkler, a hose or watering can to the old. All these methods can be convenient, but most of the time you end wasting water on plants that do not need anything else. If you are in an area affected by the drought, as I live, you know that every bit of the water bill. I ended up getting a system of drip irrigation. I have not regretted that decision at all.

When you install a drip irrigation system, you can choose one of two varieties: above ground and underground. The version on the floor leaking small amounts of water is permanently on the ground and enjoy everything through a pressure regulator, so that no water comes in dribs and drabs rather safely controlled as a spray or sequence. These pressure regulators are very inexpensive. All drip system with a pressure regulator and a hose can be configured to plug holes in it (even if it is designed for you to form a tube for this type of use, j given ideal I found that the procedure acceptable hose) works.

The subway system is a bit of a pain to install and maintain. But if you're really into the aesthetics of your garden and do not have a visible irrigation system, you may find useful. It is essentially the same as the version on the ground has been excavated only a small trench in the hose or tubing before planting. This allows direct access of water to the roots of more efficient irrigation. You can also your neighbors by a beautiful garden without leaving the water to impress! They are embarrassed.

To choose between the two systems, it is necessary to have several things in mind. The design of the facilities all year round? If you are still in development, please do not bury the tube. Can be a pain to dig and re-align with all new equipment every year or so. Even if the plant layout never changes, you need to consider how much you really mind seeing a hose in your garden. If it really bothers you are willing to work for a few hours to get rid of him, then by all means landfill. But otherwise I would stay above the earth, if nothing else than the convenience of repair and rehabilitation.

A major advantage of the system of drip irrigation is its effectiveness. Instead of spraying large amounts of water in any manner that the pipe for the fact he does most of its precious water by exactly where needed. You can also use your garden with constant watering, instead of leaving, if you do not thirst for water.

So if you are looking for an alternative method of irrigation easy, cheap, convenient and effective, you must go into the garden store and buy today, the terms have to install a system of drip irrigation. I will be surprised how easy it is to a garden, care for after you.

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