Scurvy is a sickness that crackerjack is a epithelial disorder, relating gash, swelling to dismal gums around orifice region. Scurvy had proclaimed from 15 century when every sailorman that depend on dried muckamuck and biscuits during their sailings were suffering a sickness that has symptoms according to edema, anaemic faces, enervate, gums destroyed, bummed out below the skin layers, to destruction. Inasmuch as predominance 1750, a doctor named Lind from Scotland form that the ailment importance put on cured by and prevented by eating orange or citrus. Then many scientists finally found that active scurvy curing compounds from orange is a acid called ascorbic. Today it is known as vitamin C.
Tough today scurvy is not a heavy threatening disease but there much people that still don’t realize about vitamin C intake to prevent the scurvy. This below are tips for you to prevent scurvy;
1. Like always be the issue that scurvy is a disease caused by inadequate intake of vitamin C. So make sure you have enough vitamin C in your meals every day. Vitamin C contained in many food like orange, guava, and another fruits.
2. When you are not sure what you eat cannot give you an adequate intake of vitamin C or when you sick, you can get it ( Vitamin C ) from a food supplement. But one thing you should concern about is that Vitamin C is water soluble nutrient that inside the body cannot be hold on or save in long time, especially when you have over intake of it. Vitamin C will be excreted trough urine or sweat. Vitamin C daily intake fro normal man is 1000 mg.
3. Scurvy is not only caused by inadequate intake but mouth hygiene also dominated. Food that left in your teeth or gums will be used by mouth micro bacteria to be digested and leaving acid there. Acid and pathogenic bacteria can make problem there, such as carries or infection. If there is a wound even so small, it maybe the way of bacteria to infect, then it may cause scurvy.
4. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth after having meals, especially dinner, or before bed time. If it necessary you can use an mouth antiseptic.

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